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a box of broken dreams and dusty memories

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CmdrTabii is a very dedicated writer of fan fiction and original fiction alike. She's sometimes hit by too many plot bunnies and disappears from the cyber world for a month or two to recover, but don't worry if you follow her fics because she'll return shortly! CmdrTabii recovers from plot bunny attacks by watching Star Trek: TOS and sharing her love for all the fics she reads and art she sees. If you can't find her on LJ, chances are she's lurking around FanFiction. She appreciates everyone who comes by her pages and drops a comment or two. Advice and critique is also much appreciated, and she thanks everyone who helps her as she stumbles through her fandoms. If you ever need a helping hand for a fic, or anything else for that matter, just ask CmdrTabii. And please friend her, because she's a little anxious to be all by herself as a n00b on LJ.

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